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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the stairs were unfurled in the world-famous -- city by the bay. this is all the sweeter because of last year's fall classic max rob roth is at the park with a flag raising with just one part of today's special serving broad? reporter: opening day after a championship season, they are still spilling out of the ballpark on their ways to restaurants. as the celebration continues. >> this is opening-day. >> the giant! >> excitement began building early this morning for superstars such as willie mays, to super fans to arrive at 4:00 this morning and waited outside.
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>> opening-day let's go. >> band celebrated not just the beginning of the baseball season season, but the second championship in three years. when the gates open fans poured in there were fancy here for the first time and those who have been coming to opening-day for decades. >> these are my boys out here that play we follow them all the time. and when they go out of town we often go out of town on a trip. so, they have been really special. >> i love the crowd, i love the team, a great afternoon. reporter: the fans gave the giants the rockstar treatment. the crowd erupted with manager carrying the world series trophy next to the trophy the team won in 2010. this may be nba season but more like an extension of the last one. one more moment of magic as well by when players received a last thank you. the celebration
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doesn't end today, on sunday the giants are set to receive their special world series ring. reported by the at&t park. rob roth, channel two news the next the starting pitcher today after completely resurrected his career last year especially in the playoffs and world series to make our sports director is here now, it looked really good, giants winning their home opener today. >> the change in this guy is unbelievable he continues an amazing street or giants pitcher and their first four games 26 scoreless innings, not a single earned run by any of the giant starters so far, it's opening day anyway but when you're celebrating a world championship, even better. look at the big man say what you will about him he can move. third-base, nice defensive way, a big bond in the playoff last year does it again, molina, gold glove, setting up the only run of the game. the error allows the giants to
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load the bases, walked on four straight pitches, foreseen in the only run of the game. giants defense made it stand up and hunter looking pretty good in right field sergio romo coming on for another, the third save already we are getting used to this site. beautiful slider in there for strike three, giants eight the cardinals, 1-zero at opening-day at at&t. they have one free of their first four games off to a nice start. fred inglis is out at the park, he will have interviews, he was in the giants clubhouse you'll hear about the victory. really, the story the way he has resurrected his career is incredible. >> more a little later. >> viewers have been sharing their photos with us take a look at this adorable giants fan named asher. dad, david nelson had him showing up their tickets.
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you can send us your fan photos via facebook or twitter or e-mail us photos at ktvu .com. >> san francisco police are looking for a cab jack or who stole a taxi this morning and led officers on a 45 minute long chase. pictures of the chase now, the thief took the cab near san francisco state university police chased him to pacifica and back to sf state. >> is a taxicab rollup i'm a a guy jumps out before it stopped and it slams into the parking post here. then a cop shows up on they both start running. >> police say they are looking at the cabs internal surveillance cameras to see to identify the beep. >> company now sonoma county deputies are surrounding a suspected car thief who allegedly threatened to kill officers today. he is also wanted as a suspect in various burglary and robbery cases. the man allegedly stole a vehicle this morning in windsor. deputies spotted him in
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petaluma that when they say he took off on petaluma point road. ended up in the area in marion county notice would acre. yuppies used a stolen suv onstar system to track it to what acre right now these are live pictures of what is taking place at this very moment here you can see a big police presence again sonoma -- excuse me marion and sonoma county deputies searching for the suspected car thief at one point deputies fired a taster at the man that mr. bayh said he is hiding in a wooded area as you can see in the pictures is too dense to go in after him. >> san jose police are investigating the human -- the shooting of the disabled man at the wrong place of the runtime the man was shot around for court this morning after walking into a 711 store near his home near white wrote an sound message -- vista drive approached by three men in a blue car. one of them pulled a gun and shot him twice in the stomach and chest area at this point the motive for the shooting is no.
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reporter: would be the first time that gang members drove by, fired round that somebody completely unrelated had nothing to do with any games perhaps wearing the wrong type of shirt, hat in the wrong neighborhood and they targeted the wrong person. we will wait and see how this investigation plays out why possible it was mistaken identity. >> the victim's mother tells ktvu her son is paranoid runne no word on his condition that his winds do not appear to be life-threatening. >> in oakland and unexpected announcement today the school superintendent tony smith is resigning at the end of june. ktvu jade hernandez tells us why he is leaving. reporter: the man who offered the school district stability and balanced its budget has unexpectedly resigned. >> it's a huge blow to oakland. reporter: tony smith secured a seat four years ago. >> he campaigned for this job he really wanted it and he went around and talk to a lot of
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people. reporter: when he settled in and he pushed for programs targeting the districts dropout rate instead of zero tolerance he made the restorative justice program at top rarity, taking student -- teaching students to deal with emotions. the president said he is moving his chicago to -- for personal reasons. >> i think his work is unfinished thank you today smith worked is recognized within the education association. >> i don't think anybody questions his commitment to oakland students. we didn't always see eye to eye on best how to serve them but i think definitely his heart was in the right place. reporter: in his resignation letter he pointed to his respondent -- risley hospitalize father-in- law and the need to move. today he was not available publicly to speak about his resignation which takes effect at the end of june. so until they so until that point, to continue in his footsteps on next year's -- next
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week's agenda is a search for an interim superintendents. we are not looking for a successor that wants to take a in a fundamentally different direction. reporter: and oakland jade hernandez ktvu channel two news. >> detective simply martell talitha 28 -year-old woman has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of her father. officers arrived at the home on argyle road around 715 and found a 72 -year-old man lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of blood. the man's daughter was at the home in violation of a restraining order. police state the two got in a fight that ended in the father's death. >> president obama apology tonight about comments he made about california's attorney general. the president called here is the best looking internal -- attorney general at a fundraiser in silicon valley yesterday. today white house press secretary said the president called harris to apologize for any distraction caused by his comments. >> old friends, good friends.
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he did not want in any way to diminish the attorney general's professional accomplishments and her capability. >> harris' office released a statement today, it reads,, the attorney general and the president have been friends for many years, they had a great conversation yesterday and she strongly supports them. >> first lady michelle obama is getting attention for what she said in an interview. the first lady accidentally referred to herself as a busy single mother while being interviewed yesterday at a vermont tb station she quickly corrected herself saying sometimes being married to the president makes her feel single but that quote, he is around. the first lady was discussing the challenges faced by working parents. some economists say today's job report may be assigned to date economy is heading into a week spring and a blend rate slipped to one tenth of a percentage point employers added only 88,000 jobs that is below the average for the previous fix
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months. >> on wall street today the disappointing jobs report put a damper on stacks. the dow lost 40, nasdaq up 21 and the s&p 500 dropped six. >> the fiery refinery unit that sent 15,000 people to the hospital last august is about to fire up again. what it all means. >> a break in the clouds right now i am tracking some showers up to the north coming up we will break down the shower chances as we head into your weekend.
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. >> the chevron refinery was given the go-ahead today to restart unit at richmond heavily damaged in a huge fire last year. also a fact-finding committee got an earful about what led up to that fire. our consumer editor attended the hearing and is now live in richmond tom? reporter: well about noon today this now infamous refinery got the
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go-ahead to resume operations. >> at today's joint legislative meeting chevron was named the main culprit. >> 25 violations in all, 11 of those were willful, serious prior to the incident, during the incident and following the incident. reporter: too many regulatory agencies with too few inspectors took it to. >> in the case of the fire of the reactive of regulation simply did not work to prevent what was ultimately a preventable accident. >> procedures or activities rather than concrete measures to reduce risk at every opportunity. reporter: the lawmakers would not say it in so many words, it is clear they don't trust chevron. >> today we are asking for chevron to pay for an independent safety culture audit of the facility. >> the issue is adequate oversight. >> senator hancock proposed a
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new loss to sharply increase fines for safety violations. assemblywoman skinner once industry jubilantly fix violations instead of tying them up in endless appeals as chevron has done. >> if it were dangerous situation you would still have to abate in the interim. >> plus more inspectors, stricter laws, larger find. >> so we are not left to depend on accidents and catastrophes to find out. reporter: operation start? chevron issued a statement staying it continues to work toward bringing the refinery to full production sometime in the 2nd quarter. translated, that means anytime he chooses reporting my consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel two news. >> british petroleum today was denied its request to block settlement payments settling from the deep horizon oil spill in 2010 a federal judge rejected their arguments the claims administrator misinterpreted
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how those settlement should be calculated. last year, bp reached a settlement resolving most economic and medical injury claims are private parties. at the time the company estimated the settlement would cost about $7.8 billion but in february, that number rows to a $.5 billion. >> and manhole explosion in semper cisco's chinatown left hundreds of people without power this afternoon and happened around 1130 this morning on bush and stockton street a manhole cover flew off and hit a passing vehicle no one was hurt, pg&e says an underground power cable failed causing the explosion knocking out power to about 2100 homes and businesses. most was restored about two hours later. >> that police officer who took down a passenger attacking a tsa guard at an airport in hawaii, undoubtedly received lots of high fives when he to work tomorrow. corporal justin rogers headed home from vacation on saturday when a woman arched her security at the honolulu airport
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assaulted a female agent as we showed you last night, rogers vaulted over a wall and tackled the attacker. >> . >> but woman was defenseless had her arms up trying to defend herself and somebody needed to help her and luckily i was close enough to be able to help her out. reporter: rogers voided his flight broke when he is effective to be back on duty tomorrow night. >> the power is back on tonight after a pickup truck took out a power pole in oakland happened of foothill boulevard and church street at about 130 this morning. police are looking for the driver who left the scene pg&e says up to 3500 customers lost power when the incident caused a transformer to blow the flash was reportedly seen miles away. >> traffic is moving once again along interstate eight 80 after next and this afternoon caused a lengthy backup happened about noon, you can see one of the vehicles they're involved in the crash another flipped over, landing on its roof the chp
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says at least one person was briefly trapped inside incredibly the people in both vehicles suffered only mining injuries the scene was cleared up by about 12:40 this afternoon. >> checking out with meteorologist mark tamayo to find out what your weather is going to look like. mark? nice up there or dicey? >> is not stormy or sunny somewhere in between a few doubts around today is actually nice to see the sunshine and clouds cleared out revealing partly cloudy skies and temperatures have been on the mild side. right now live storm tracker you can see the rain showers to the north of right now over the bay area here's the latest imagery batch of high clouds of debris and parts of north bait out to ukiah moving into parts of sonoma county as well. the closer inspection. close to the golden gate bridge between the south more sunshine to san jose, mountain view and morgan hill's. as far as current integers as i mentioned pretty mild showing you the 60s toward antioch and
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livermore santa rosa 63 degrees semper cisco about xt and san jose mid- 60s, 65 degrees forecast headlines for tonight we will go with partly cloudy skies at that of a breeze wind around 10 to 20 miles an hour this weekend more cloud cover some breaks in the clouds and a chance of scattered light showers all of this is very like not a big deal. we clear up the clouds completely and temperatures warming up and back noticeable warm-up in the five-day forecast. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, coolest locations in the upper 40s toward santa rosa, napa, fairfield, livermore 50s closer to the bay toward san francisco, oakland san jose forecast low 51 degrees clouds, patchy fog again and chance of showers to start out your saturday morning. here we go with the updated forecast model 10:00 tonight still cloud pockets of drizzle, between now and 10:00 clouds will be increasing high clouds and here we go tomorrow morning
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at 9:00 little activity once again favoring parts of north bay but a few sprinkles around the central portions of the date at 9:00. you see the front basically fall apart over the bay area so 1:00 still a little bit of blue here reflecting at least a chance of sprinkle or light shower by 4:00. hold onto the possibility lingering cloud, coming up the forecast model i will let you know if we have more shower chances for the 2nd half of the weekend and when clouds completely clear out of the area. >> thank you. we have learned to bay area lawmakers used thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to give out bonuses. just days before leaving office. as, barlett reports they are the only ones giving their top aides a last-minute salary boost. reporter: and hours after election night their furniture was removed from their offices, computers, and equipment disconnected. they had weeks until retirement. at the same time bay area
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congresswoman congresswoman lynn woolley and congressman pete stark gave top aides last-minute pay hikes. our review of federal records show mister stargate staffers pay hikes of between $7000 and $16,000 and $16,000 in the final weeks. a separate report says the ticket staffers and average salary boost of between 45% and 54% in the final three months of their term. >> what gets people jacked up about congressional bonuses it comes from the taxpayers that we do, as taxpayers, want to know why folks got bonuses and the accountability of why members who are outgoing are lame duck, why they tend to increase their levels of bonus pay. reporter: this is a particularly sensitive issue now because so many government workers are losing their jobs, not just hear the capital but because of massive federal budget cuts. >> we made efforts to reach them for, but couldn't they were far from alone and all us house members build out last-minute
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bonuses in 2101 formal congressional staffer told me bonuses are quite fair congress does not offer severance and the job market, even here, is bleak . scott mcfarland ktvu channel two news. >> a debate over whether passengers should be allowed to have small knives on airplanes will go away the argument being made by flight attendants against the tsa policy changes. also records ask about scandal grows the top school official now resigning because of this controversial videotape well, well, well.
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. >> flight attendants across the country including here in san francisco took to the nation's airport this week campaigning to keep knives other planes. they are concerned recent safety changes by the transportation security administration could put them in danger. the tsa has loosened rules allowing small knives and other weapons on planes beginning april 25. the tsa argued knives can't be used to take over planes or get into the cockpit any longer because of changes made following the 911 attacks and they say airport security should focus on bonds and toxins not small weapons. >> i am not opposed to the tsa let the tsa lifting bans on certain items but starting with potential weapons is not the place to start having casualties with flight attendants and passengers is not acceptable. reporter: we took pictures yesterday as flight attendants explained to passengers of why they don't
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want knives allowed on airplanes today's after he fired the meds that will coach the athletic director of rutgers university has resigned. temper nettie fired coach mike rice after the video became public showing him shoving players and using anti- gay slurs today the president said they should have fired him months ago when her daddy first saw the video. >> we mutually agreed that this is in the best interest of records. i appreciate the positive things tim has done for the university but i also recognize the gravity of recent developments in regard to the men's basketball program. >> the president of rutgers said he should've pursued the original investigation more aggressively and viewed the video before it became public and he apologized to the rutgers community. >> when it comes to the best march madness moment in history it seems to not get any better than christian laettner's buzzer beater in the regional final in 1992. europe with a shot.
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he got the ball no time left on the clock gave duke the overtime when and all 700,000 votes from fans and college basketball experts were counted the shot you stop right there was selected as the top moment. the competition was in honor of the ncaa tournament 75th anniversary. voters also selected the best layers in the history of the tournament including cream abdul-jabbar, larry bird, michael west and michael jordan. >> the closer you are the baseball park him in a more expensive it is to park. i will tell you about changes this season. >> only on 2 for the first time we are hearing from the father of that paramedic who was shot and killed earlier this week in oakland. what he is saying tonight about his son.
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. >> back now to open a day for the san francisco giants. the neighborhood around at&t park totally changes when the giants are playing at home but this year there are some changes fans are totally happy about. take -- ktvu noel walker here to show us what has been so upset. reporter: break, the game is over crowds are still bringing energy and business the neighborhood but if you have a supersecret free parking spot chances are it is not free today. this is the tale of two neighborhoods in mission bay in the off-season and mission bay in baseball season. peds tavern and pedro's cantina where everybody knows your name until the giants play ball than it is a place where everybody knows the giants players name. >> romo. >> sandoval. >> the bar is a sea of orange
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and black that ebbs and flows with the game schedule. at capacity most days it helps when you have 40 fees and people cross in your fridge or. reporter: if not all peanuts and cracker jacks what is good for business can be frustrating for fans. free street parking is nearly nonexistent this season at best once free parking have a two-hour limit not long enough for a game. >> did they up the meters to be on two-hour so people can park for the game? reporter: no. >> i am here for tennis, i don't have tickets today. reporter: added to the squeezed pier 32 this proposed site of the new warriors arena is not available for parking anymore just last month san francisco designated special event parking zones code for more expensive. rates in those areas are up from the regular 25 cents to $5.75 an hour to a minimum of $5 an hour, $7 an hour closer to at&t park. >> that reduces people from looking for free parking or cheap harking.
5:31 pm
and eliminates congestion. >> i am used to not going to pay a lot for games. >> now you are forced to the pay lot. >> things are changing. reporter: the price fans paid to refer the home team. something else to keep in mind the special event area meters run longer too until 10:00 p.m. so keep that in mind for the next night in reporting live noel walker ktvu channel two news. >> if you were lucky enough to find parking and enjoy the game you received a treat. again filled with world championship west indies and good pitching by this -- by barry zito fred inglis is out but park where he talked of the winning pitcher. reporter: after barry zito walked off the mound in the 7th inning the sold-out crowd gave out a chance, barry, dairy and they were calling for barry bonds. barry zito look like his 2002 cy young award-winning self. seven shutout innings, three hits, three walks, four
5:32 pm
strikeouts and after the giants for their one and only run in the bottom of the 4th inning berry came back with a one to 3 inning in the fifth allowing just nine pitches in those three outs. giants are now 15-zero in barry's last 15 starts. >> were second i was locked in 15 games but baseball is really an unpredictable game anything can happen and sometimes if the grind sometimes you feel pretty good but that also doesn't dictate your results so today was a battle for being too keep consistency with my pitches. >> a true example of a professional show -- works hard shows up every day gets his stuff done everything that has come his way from last season and so far this year, he has worked hard earned every bit of a. he is a guy you can count on to be a consistent figure and he is starting to show that. reporter: sergio romo also came in at a one to three 9th inning for his third save in as many attempts
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giants are three and one starting pitchers have gone 26 innings now without giving up an earned run that is uncharted waters but back to barry bonds. jeremy said barry zito excuse me -- barry zito is the perfect guy, the perfect guy for this opening day with all the distractions of opening day, black ceremony, it was barry zito who could come and take all of that out of his mind and get to the job at hand and a splendid job and a victory for the giants and barry zito. fifteen wins now for the giants in his last two starts. reporting live in san francisco fred inglis pay-tv use channel two news. >> the new york nanny accused of stabbing children in her care has been declared mentally fit to stand trial she has pleaded not guilty to charges as she killed her -year-old leo krim and his six-year-old sister last october police say after the killings to stop yourself. to psychiatrist interviewed ortega found her mentally able
5:34 pm
to defend yourself in the case. her lawyer is challenging the results of those mental examinations. >> the parents of a teenager shot and killed a neighborhood watch volunteer have settled a wrongful death claim. trayvon martin's parents settled a claim against the homeowners association of the subdivision in florida where their son was killed. the amount of the claim is confidential but believed to be more than $1 million of martin, as you will call was killed by george zimmerman in february of last year. >> continuing coverage on that brazen shooting in oakland hills now a homicide investigation as we reported yesterday the off-duty paramedic shot while at a stop sign died from his injuries. on 2 tonight patti lee spoke with the victim's father. reporter: 34 -year-old boyer was preparing for a new phase of his life last year he married a fellow paramedic unit school, last week he was accepted into stanford's program for physician assistant but on tuesday boyer were shot in the head, here at the
5:35 pm
intersection of keller enhancing near the oakland hills. witnesses told police a man got out of a brown car opened fire causing boyer to crash his car down the embankment. he died yesterday in the hospital. >> they took my son from the. and -- my son from being and the boat up is crazy creating a devastating loss. reporter: roger boyer described as that is committed to helping others of paramedic i trade who also volunteered at his local church . >> there is a 10,000-dollar reward given by crimestoppers, asking the public if they have seen anything, heard anything. reporter: the boyer family hopes conscience will prompt someone with information about their son's killer to come forward. >> i have had two joys in my life. one was my daughter, one was my son. i have lost my joy from my son. reporter: at santa clara county ambulance
5:36 pm
services colleagues. this memorial. no talk of making sense of this tragedy, for now family and friends are simply trying to come to terms with her loss. and oakland, patti lee ktvu channel two news. >> more now from the boyer family, they released a statement this afternoon, saying they are humbled by the love and support shown to their extended ems family and we consider you all mothers and sisters and the family donated boyer's organs. >> told frances will take decisive action against six abuse cases in that catholic church the vatican said today the pope urged the church to act with determination with regard to cases of actual abuse. victims of clergy abuse had demanded swift and bold action from the new pontiff. >> another president obama cabinet member offered to take a picket in support of federal employees fected by the budget cuts. us attorney general eric holder intends to return up to 14 days worth of pay to the treasury. the president, three cabinet
5:37 pm
secretaries and now holder are among those giving back part of their salaries. 149 small airport towers around the country while the shutting down this weekend as planned, they were all set to be closed because of governmentwide spending cuts but hetero regulators now say closings have been pushed back until mid- june. the faa needs more time to deal with legal challenges to the closures. also 50 airports have indicated they want to fund the tower operations themselves rather than see them shut down. >> coming up in 8 minutes, no parent consent, prescription needed and no requirement, the ruling today that changes restrictions on access to the controversy all morning after pill. >> outrage over a color how addresses got target in trouble with some of its customers. ;
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. >> boeing says it successfully completed a certification flight today for the 787 dream lighter. the airplane maker is trying to get the faa permission 478 evan's to carry passengers again they have been grounded since mid-january to the overheating problems with the battery system. oleg says the purpose of today's light was to demonstrate the reconfigured batteries are working safely. >> testily could be moving to birmingham they have expressed interest in relocating its
5:41 pm
electronic -- electric car sales and services who is from menlo park to birmingham. on monday the city's planning is set to vote on a permit for the company their rival says i'd have fired about wondered 60 employees that equals about 75% of its workforce. the move is being described as a last-ditch effort to conserve cash and put off a potential bankruptcy filing. the company's flagship vehicle is the 100,000-dollar karma plug-in hybrid. >> target customers in new york were offended by the color description on a plus sized address. the tag on the dress show the color as manatee gray apparently referring to the huge marine animals. smaller sizes of the address listed the same color as dark heather gray. targa called the labeling an unintentional oversight and has pulled the dress. santa rosa police are looking for a man who robbed a bank
5:42 pm
this morning police said the man of the surveillance video robbed a chase bank on ord street around 11:20. investigators say he handed the teller a note when ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. is described as a black male between 35 and 40 years old adding about 5 feet 7 inches tall weighing 185 pounds. >> you can't put politics and religion over science and public health. >> the pivotal ruling today that could forever change birth control. >> still tracking a few tracking a few cloudless afternoon coming coming up where showers could be this weekend and when 80s resurfaced on the long-range mother -- long-range weather map. 97
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. >> a federal judge today struck down the government age restrictions on who can get the morning-after birth control pill over-the-counter. kylie campbell reports from washington dc bureau of the fda will soon lift those restrictions. reporter: for several years girls ages 16 and younger needed a prescription from their dr. to get the morning-after pill but just 30 days they will be able to walk into a store and take it off the shelf. the federal judge's decision goes against the president and secretary of health who both want age restrictions on plan b. >> we don't have enough evidence to show that those who could use this medicine can understand the labeling use the product appropriately. reporter: antiabortion groups blasted the judges decision the susan b anthony list called a reckless the group's president said teen
5:46 pm
girls needed parents not unfettered access to abortion inducing drugs the age restriction is about politics not healthcare. >> what is not appropriate when one villages position gets written into law it we see happening over and over again. reporter: that judges decision will improve health for teenagers. >> you cap hippolyta and religion over science and public health. reporter: the decision means the fda will put plan b on the shelf this month two months after they said it was safe to do so in washington kylie campbell ktvu channel two news. >> the judge's ruling takes effect in 30 days the obama administration has not said plans to feel. >> here in the bay area, reactions to the ruling were mixed some said things should stay that way they are requiring a prescription for girls 16 and under others said it is a good change. >> i think 16 is too young.
5:47 pm
especially because if they know they can get a hold of it, it's a little frustrating because i don't think they are old enough to make those decisions. >> another tool for them to be able to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy. reporter: planned parenthood says many girls were already receiving the morning-after pill after seeing doctors at the clinic's. >> the us government has received so many applications for visas for highly skilled workers that it stopped taking them today and will use a lottery to decide who gets the. high-tech companies in particular prized that visas, the us will issue 85,000 this year. the lottery will decide which companies will get the visas and be able to give them to foreign employees. this is the first time since 2008 the united states has had to use a lottery to distribute visas. >> how about this for a picket using this ceo is reducing his salary to almost nothing this year. mark pincus who founded the social gaming company back in
5:48 pm
2007 has decided to be pai 1 dollar with no cash bonuses. in 2011 he received a package of $1.7 million. the get was once touted as one of the fasting growing in gaming companies however it suffered a dramatic reversal last year when users began to abandon its red-hot games like farmville and city belt. >> all products manufactured at a georgia land have been recalled after in e. coli outbreak may 24 people sick in 15 states. rich products of buffalo new york makes that move like frozen pizza, chicken quesadillas and mozzarella bites. last week the company announced a voluntary recall of certain farm rich and marketed products and today the recall was expanded to include everything made at its plant in georgia. the products have the best by dates from january 1, 2013 through september 29, 2014. >> there is word tonight president obama on a plan to put astronauts on an asteroid.
5:49 pm
the chairman of the senate science space subcommittee says it involves a robotic spaceship lassoing a small asteroid and bringing it closer to earth astronauts would then explore the asteroid in 2021. senator bill nelson says the plan would speed up by four years in existing mission to land astronauts on an asteroid and help nasa that are understanding how to deal with asteroid heading toward earth. >> is it too early to be thinking about the weekend? >> not at all. >> planning on heading to the red cross gala in separate cisco? an umbrella will cramp my style . >> i am sorry heather let's get to --. >> it matches the outfit. >> you might not needed a few clouds out there a few light showers nothing too major this weekend it is not a washout the tracking quite a few clouds were being into the bay area in fact that the live camera and looking to the tower you can do the clouds on a cruise with clouds moving in i do pretty good rate increasing over the next few hours.
5:50 pm
life storm tracker 2 right now clouds and rain showers not here but basically up to the north here is the latest images you can see clouds to the south bay lots of overcast for the coastline moving to parts of sonoma county. here is a closer inspection not much in the way of radar coverage but still a few sprinkles out there or drizzle on the increase first thing tomorrow morning this is all a very minor deal. a look at some of the wind speed, increasing around 10 to 15 miles an hour a bit of a breeze wins coming out of the west, you can see out toward sfo and oakland. forecast for tonight call it part of a cloudy, breezy clouds will continue to thicken out especially admittedly be more cloud cover there is a chance of a shower, all not a big deal. extended, we have a clearer of the clouds completely and warm up those numbers. on the satellite again here is what is developing. area of low pressure but we call zonal low with moisture moving west to east and all this
5:51 pm
activity will be focused north of the bay area showers, fairly good up to the north but close enough to generate cloud cover partly to mostly cloudy and the chance of a light shower orgies pringles. here is the updated forecast model as you can see saturday morning at 11:00, the system falls apart over the bay area but strong enough to generate clouds. possibly a few sprinkles. once again sunday, basically the same deal first thing sunday morning and then into the afternoon hours scale back on shower chances and clouds. rebilling partly cloudy skies. forecast for tomorrow is a chance of a shower by 7:00 7:00 basically early portion of the afternoon partly cloudy by 4:00 at temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the upper 60s for afternoon highs. not a big change from today's san jose 68, half moon bay 61 look ahead i did forecast weekend almost here, and you can pick out little tiny rain clouds
5:52 pm
for a chance of a few sprinkles, highest chance in north bay and look what happens tuesday and wednesday. heather anne frank, big warm up with the numbers by wednesday warmest locations easily backup to low '80s. >> looking good. thanks mark. >> story of survival to tell you about out of the florida everglades plus they are -- bay area businesses a growing trend don't expect exact change if you shop there. >> this portion of the news brought to you by yosemite mariposa. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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. >> and ohio family glad to be warm, safe and back on dry land tonight being lost overnight in the florida everglades the husband, wife and three kids were on a fishing trip when they made a wrong turn in their air boat and got lost. they had food and water used a tarp to keep the rain off. and helicopter spotted the boat this afternoon. thank you about 3:00 i heard an airport going back and forth and back and forth and i don't know -- i shot off one layer -- flare shot last night and i shot up or let go one orange . >> searchers that by the family was more difficult because of vast marsh load and vegetation and thunderstorms rolled in last night. >> politicians and transportation officials gathered today to mark a milestone in the project to bring bart to this update they dropped a banner on the over cross that will carry transit
5:56 pm
against the over cross is expected to be completed sometime this summer shall pay officials say they are excited about the prospect that art is finally coming south. >> a lot of businesses and people that work here who will use the bart line to get to their jobs and i think that is very important that will get cars off of 680 and 880 and reduce the pollution in the area. >> bart's initl stop will include two stations one at warm springs the other at --. >> berkeley businesses are banishing the penny from being used to their establishments from now on if you go to mike's bikes or the cheeseboard collective you won't get pennies in your change when you make a purchase both businesses have opted to round on sections to the nearest nickel, all part of a growing movement across the country to take the penny out of circulation they say pennies are bad for the environment because they are made mostly of zinc and they cost twice as much to me and then they are worth. >> coming up here in 2 minutes new
5:57 pm
at six, who would do something like this? a memorial dedicated to an officer killed in the line of duty vandalized why investigators think that memorial is being targeted. >> i want you to be a remarkable young man and the life or death fight he is in right now with his health insurance.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. >> complete a area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel two news at six. >> good evening everyone i am frank somerville spin i'm julie haener there is average tonight over graffiti in vallejo police say vandals defaced to memorial dedicated to an officer who was killed in the line of duty. only on 2 john sasaki is live in vallejo where talking with police explains this is not the first time something like this has happened. john? reporter: it not often please take vandalism personally but this has hit the police hard practices the bureau for officer jim threw killed on the job a year and a half ago you can see where vandalism is actually damage the mural, this is on the police activity league building in a quiet neighborhood. this weekend it was vandalized for the fourth time. these photos show a defaced with white spray paint and we had to cover several affinities. it is no


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